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Hey everybody. With the RP slowed to a turtle crawl and the world in the state it's in, I figured we could all use a little check-in. It's been a long time since we all came together on something, and now is really the time for people coming together. So let's just talk. How are we doing, what do we need - hugs, communication, whatever. It doesn't have to be about scary big issues either. We can talk about RP ideas or whatever we want. Whatever is useful to people. For me, I'm feeling lonely every day and just kinda desperate for people to talk to, so. Here's this.
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It's Carrie.

I did a thing.

I'm not sorry.

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Hello, fritterlings!

You know what we haven't had in a while? A proper event, with shenanigans and goings on! To that end, we've decided to arrange a little something for everyone's collective entertainment.

Here's the plan, as it currently stands: on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 3rd (April 14th-17th IRL), Jack Frost is going to decide to whip up a little snow storm. Nothing too drastic, just enough to give the kids a snow day on Wednesday. It'll be fun, right? He's all about fun!

The Rift, unsurprisingly, will not be wholly on board with someone else having the temerity to dick around with the weather. But hey, if Jack wants a snowstorm so badly, the Rift can lend a metaphorical hand. As a result of the Rift's 'help,' Manhattan (and the surrounding boroughs) will get slammed by a truly atrocious blizzard. We're talking high winds and space debris, low visibility, lots of snow, and the potential for spotty power outages - particularly around buildings that Rifties tend to frequent. Probably just a coincidence.

The blizzard will continue throughout the night, leaving the city pretty well buried by morning. As the 4th wears on, the weather will warm, and the snow will start to melt. It'll be sloppy for the next several days, but atmospherically, things will return to normal.

What your characters get up to is largely up to you. The severity of the storm will make it difficult for most characters to carry on as if nothing is happening, but if they have enough food in the pantry to get them through 24 hours, they should be fine just waiting it out at home.

Otherwise, there are plenty of possibilities! Characters could get caught out in the sudden storm and need rescuing. Characters could hole up with a friend - or a stranger - and get snowed in for a while. Maybe the power goes out, and people have to huddle together for warmth. Maybe they're safe at home when the worst of it hits, and enjoy a nice romp in the snow the following day.

Feel free to use this post for brainstorming. When the event gets underway, we'll create an 'event: snow day' tag to track the assorted blizzard-related posts.
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HEY NERDS, guess what happened. Kristine succumbed to temptation, that's what happened.

Please welcome King Richard (technically not currently a king) from Galavant, which is a fairytale comedy musical. He is both an adorable heroic doof, and also completely terrible at everything, bless his heart. He's super friendly, like a puppy (also easily kicked), so he'll gladly make friends with everyone.

Here's a nice song to introduce you to him:

He also has several musical numbers that tell you a lot about who he is.

Besides that, check out his page for info and stuff like that. He's from a magical 1257 so obviously he will have to do a lot of learning how to live in the modern world, but at least there are some other fairytale characters around.


Ok now I'm gonna post his arrival and run off to work
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HI GUYS ellis here

I have brought you a new OC and this is very exciting for me. I hope you're excited. I'm excited.

He has some very oddball powers that I had fun working out, which you can read about in his app. In two words: trash magic. In three words: literal trash magic.

He is friendly and fun. He is also fast. He knows parkour and he likes to fight but he's not very good at it, so being fast is kind of important. He is not to be confused with Target company motto "fast, fun, and friendly".

Really I think I said it best on the app so I'm just gonna quote myself here:

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
Look. What does this game need okay. It needs more garbage children. I know that it is almost 90% garbage children. Greta, The Balladeer, Steven Universe, and garbage children.1 But we need more. My garbage needs will not be sated. I tried playing well-adjusted people. Like eight times. I can't do it. I need garbage children. Including this literal garbage child. New York has so much garbage the garbage collectors are always going on strike. This is a match made in heaven. He is Little King Trashmouth. Let him reign.

1 Also Daine and Kirk. Sorry I forgot them. Also on reconsideration I feel like The Balladeer is at least 50% garbage child but he's just so well-adjusted.
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Hey everyone! It's Kathryn again. A while back I posted about a 4th wall event happening over at [community profile] wethelost, and tonight I come bearing more information! Or, a link to more information. Yanno. Please check it out if you're feeling up to a little cross-game play starting January 30.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a 4th wall event means that while the event is on, anyone can jump in and throw whatever character(s) they like into the mix over there, similar to how we run our dream parties. We did have a crossover between Big Applesauce and We the Lost a little over a year ago, but I want to be clear that the current event is not an official crossover and I'm posting this with my player hat on, not my mod hat. At We the Lost I play a version of Peter Vincent who spent five months in [community profile] ryslig and turned into a wendigo before ending up there, so if anyone wants to run into an undead deer-thing Peter who hates everything, I can make that happen. He'll be starting the event in the Wild West world because why not torture him.

Edit: I feel like I should also give a little setting info. We the Lost takes place in a sort of miniature training world run by a baby god named Zephyr, and the 4th wall event will take place in a group of interconnected worlds belonging to Zephyr's classmates. They're not supposed to be interconnected, but clearly something has gone wrong, here. Characters can land in any of the worlds listed on the event's plotting page, and people can even declare an AU of their character that has been living in one of the other godlings' worlds for months or years (for instance, I have the pony version of Andrew set up to have been living in the Wild West for about six months, and my OC Ecks has been chilling in Sunset Circus for a year). We're all over there talking about how our characters get along (or don't) in those worlds and it's already shaping up to have all kinds of crazy new player-generated backstory for the event.
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Heyo, Carrie here, breaking my long-held lady streak to give you this cherub. Because this is what happens when you mainline all of SU over the course of four days, and love all your children equally, but realize Steven is probably the only character you can app who wouldn't spend 98% of their time worrying about Steven.

SO HERE HE IS. There are already plans for him to bond with the Balladeer (musical optimists unite!), but let's be real, he wants to befriend absolutely everyone whether they like it or not.

If you want to check out his app and permissions, they are literally the only two posts that exist in his journal, so they're easy to find.


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I started typing up a couple recommendations and then it just grew, so here's this! It might be useful?

The original series of Star Trek is a show that really existed before plot arcs were a thing. Occasionally you get references to past episodes, and the characters do evolve a bit over time, but in general they are all standalone episodes. You can skip around.

I picked three episodes i like a lot from each season and then bolded the one that i think is the most successful out of the three. In general, I think that the first and second seasons are the best. There are plenty of other favorites i have in there, but i had more trouble picking finding favorites from season three.

season 1:
  • The Corbomite Maneuver - a really solid episode that shows off kirk's brain
  • The Devil in the Dark - kirk and spock face a deadly blob thing
  • The City on the Edge of Forever - this gets placed on top of a lot of lists. and bonus domestic kirk and spock
season 2:
  • Amok Time - fuck or die featuring Spock
  • Mirror, Mirror - evil alternate universe and badass uhura
  • The Trouble with Tribbles - prob the ep id recommend anyone to watch first. super fun and easy to watch (for extra fun watch the Deep Space 9 episode Trials and Tribblations afterwards XD)
season 3:
  • The Enterprise Incident - infiltrating a Romulan ship
  • The Tholian Web- good storytelling, nice character moments
  • The Empath- really focused on the relationship between the main trio
kirk backstory episodes:
  • Shore Leave - kirk's old bully, and an ex girlfriend
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before - his long time friend Gary Mitchell gets godlike powers
  • The Conscience of the King - Kodos the Executioner
  • Court Martial - Kirk gets framed, plus an ex girlfriend
  • Operation: Annihilate! - kirk's brother
  • Obsession - a creature that killed a bunch of crewmembers in kirk's past comes back. he doesnt deal well
There are definitely episodes that aren't great but are still fun to watch, but there are others that have questionable messages or are just painful. I'd say these are skip-able:
  • Metamorphosis - 'okay so ive been sexing up this cloud creature buuuut its a lady cloud creature right?' also a comment along the lines of women crew being replaceable with other women. ew
  • The Paradise Syndrome - white savior/noble savage nonsense. at one point the girl doesnt understand how kirk could possibly remove his shirt? reeeeallly uncomfortable
  • The Enemy Within - while there are really cool things about this episode, it also features an attempted rape that isn't treated well in the script at all
  • Turnabout Intruder - probably the most sexist ep of the show, and the reason my Kirk comes from before it happens. the message is 'women should just be happy with doing womens things'
  • The Omega Glory - more noble savage nonsense with some added asian stereotypes. it tries to flip the book on racist attitudes but fails SO HARD. also kirk saves the day by reciting the declaration of independence. so bad.
"Mudd's Women" and "I, Mudd" feature a recurring super sexist character, and the episodes are...okay at refuting him, but not great. I'd say they're watchable episodes if only to see how quickly Kirk gets tired of him

If you're in the mood for silliness:
  • The Naked Time - a thing lowers the crew's inhibitions, everyone goes a bit off the rails
  • The Squire of Gothos - features a pretty ridiculous villain, kind of a proto-Q
  • Catspaw - idek whats goin on with this ep. halloween things plus a realllly odd plot
  • The Trouble With Tribbles - such a good
  • A Piece of the Action - gangster planet
  • Spock's Brain - SO BAD, but in an mst3k kinda way
  • Spectre of the Gun - Wild West
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Hey guys, it's AJ, bringing you Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. I'm sure you're all at least passingly familiar with his character, but feel free to check out his app if you need more info on personality or history. He's coming from almost the end of the original series- the second to last episode.

A quick note about his new powers! Kirk will be able to convince someone of anything as long as he believes he's not lying. So...he could reason Lucifer down from killing a random person by arguing that every life is worth something, but he couldn't convince Lucifer into thinking he's a giant duck. Power level isn't gonna change how quickly the effects wear off. If your character can think through their reasoning logically they'll be able to get out of it faster.

His intro should happen in a few days :)

In Summary:
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Hello lumplings! This is Kathryn dropping you a line to let you know that from January 30-February 13, We the Lost is holding a 4th wall event. That means that during that time, characters of all kinds will be playable over there without needing to apply to join the game. You may remember that in 2014 we had a Christmas crossover event with We the Lost; this time around it's not an official crossover between our games (thus the lack of mod account on this post), but as a WtL player I still want to encourage folks to hop in on that event. I'm currently playing Peter Vincent at WtL, though he's a substantially different version to the one I used to have here.

We the Lost's setting is a small world run by a young god named Zephyr as part of their divine upbringing/training. It sounds like a number of similar worlds belonging to Zephyr's relatives and/or classmates will be opened to players during this event, and it should be a lot of fun. I'm planning to throw at least a couple characters of my own at it, and I'll post here again with more details when the mods over there reveal them.
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Hey guys, it's Kristine. I just couldn't keep away. Did you miss me?

My work programme thing has led to a wonderful long-term internship as a TA in arts & crafts (for ages 13-16). However, I'm only working 50%, and stuff's settled into a nice routine, allowing for more spare time commitments, aaand I've been missing this place. SO HERE I AM. With this little shit. More trashchildren yay!

This is Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls, which I've been rewatching way too much lately (including right now). He's a very bitter, troubled 19 year old, who smokes and wears leather jackets and has suffered a lot of parental neglect. He's also a huge book nerd, a smartarse, and secretly a sweetheart.

Also I gave him video game powers, cause hilarity. Especially since he's my first character her from a vanilla world, not used to all the sci-fi nonsense. I don't have specific plans for him, besides, you know, putting him through hell, cause that's how I roll.

Anyway, I think everyone has my AIM and stuff (I also have a twitter now), so feel free to poke me whenever. :D

Lastly, have some sass:

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Hello lumplings, it is Kathryn here. As much as I love all my characters, I can't help but notice that I haven't actually been playing Yuri and Peter for a good while. I'm going to go ahead and call it like it basically already is and retire both of them. They'll both be around, and I may revisit what one or both is up to at a later date, but for now I need to focus on other things.

So with that, I'm bringing in this invisible butt. For those not familiar with Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost is invisible and intangible to anyone who doesn't already believe in him. If your character is likely to believe in Jack Frost we can just jump straight into it; otherwise they can be introduced later on. He's going to be running into Greta to start things off, because what magic stuff doesn't she believe in, and presumably she can let other people know he exists.

Carrie is making icons for me, so dem icons gonna get a lot better.
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I 'm gonna be visiting my brother from tuesday night (the 24th) and will be arriving back on friday night. Posting this up because i'm not sure if i'm going to have access to internet or not. I'll have my phone tho, so i'll be in contact if you want to reach me for any reason (pls feel free to; i'll probably be so very bored).
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This is something that I've joked about for a while, seriously considered for the past week or two, and repeatedly reconsidered over the past handful of days. I can no longer play Ianto. It's not because his voice isn't there - I am sure he will always be kicking around inside my head, making pithy comments - but over the past eleven months, there's been Life Event after Life Event that has prevented me from tagging regularly or being able to focus on RP. During that time, whatever intangible spark that kept Ianto alive went out. I refused to admit it and tried my hardest to keep going but it's gotten to the point where I no longer know what to do with him. I still have things I want him to do, but realistically I know they will never happen. It pains me to do so after all this time - I started playing him not long I turned 19 and now, just shy of my 26th birthday, I am throwing in the tea towel. This is very strange and sad for me because as a direct result of me deciding to play him, I met new people and made new friends. I dated some of those friends. One of those friends moved up from Arkansas and now we live together, and she is engaged to one of the other friends. Everything hugely formative about these past seven years of my life came from me playing Ianto. It is bittersweet for me to let go of him, like I am finally letting go of those growing pain years and acknowledging I am moving onto a different part of my life.

I apologize for being so sentimental. Very few of you have spent that long with me and this character, so it doesn't mean as much to you. It was more important for me to write this than it is that you read it.

This post is also about a little event. I can't return Ianto to his home. I mean, I could. I could ask the mods, and they would probably say yes. But I think Ianto has been through enough. He's been living on borrowed time. He made it to 30 years old, and I think that's all he really wanted to do. So he has to die. But he's going to die happy. Deliriously happy. He is going to be so happy that it kills him. Remember those sadness vampires I wanted to do? Yeah. I can't think of a better feeding ground for them than a funeral. Your character doesn't have to attend if you don't want them to - he didn't have many friends in Manhattan - but if they do, then they get to fight sadness vampires. I'm just saying. I'll be putting up a post relatively soon to kill Ianto off, and sometime after that someone??? will put up a post for the sadness vampire event. It will be a structured post, somewhat like this party back at my old game, with specific events occuring in top-level comments. The format is sort of hard to follow while reading it after the fact, but it worked in real-time. And it won't be that intense. That's just sort of an example of like, little satellite threads happening with smaller incidents, and then at some point everything comes to a head under a new top-level. It'll be like that.

I forget if there was more I was supposed to explain. I'm gonna be keeping Greg and I guess dropping Croach, I forgot I played Croach tbh. So I'm still gonna be here. Maybe I'll drop Greg and app someone entirely new? I DON'T KNOW. I'll figure it out. This is just the first step. So raise your hand if you want to find Ianto's corpse.
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Hey all. I'm afraid I'm gonna be retiring Dr. Jackson here. After his ascension and memory-regaining there's really not much else I can think of to do with him, so I'll be putting him on the backburner for now. He knows an awful lot of people though, and seeing as he was the first guy I had here I can't really bring myself to cut him out of everyone's lives so abruptly. There's been talk of him someday videotaping some dorky "so you just got displaced by a rift in spacetime..." videos for new arrivals so he can sort of ease any future intros, if anyone likes that idea.

For reference: he's moved out of his old place and is now staying in the Eastern, ex-ROMAC apartments, having gone back to working at his old bookshop job.

I'm still happy to thread whatever y'all would like with him. He's just gonna be lying low since he doesn't have a whole lot to be doing.

In case anyone's curious, yes, this means I might be apping yet another character because I'm absolute garbage and I swear I don't usually app characters from things that have been out for two months. i'm garbage and i am weak. kill me.
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Heyyy applesauce friends and family. This feels weird and personal and ill-timed (there is never a good time) but here goes: I have had... I guess I am gonna be Hollywood and call it a nervous breakdown. I think, looking back, it was something I've been headed for for months. I've already slowed down a lot but I'm gonna have to take that a step further and go on full hiatus for a while. I was hoping my sudden surge of dream party activity was the turnaround but it seems not. So... for the foreseeable future I'm gonna stay isolated and try to level myself out. Gonna try doing NaNo and idk meditating or something. This is a weird time. I don't really know what's going on with me so I am gonna stop talking about it.

I know my characters are entangled in a lot of things and this potentially affects a lot of people and I'm sorry. Please please feel free to just thread around my people and reference them working/existing as needed, you don't need to ask. Here's what they'll be doing:

-Johnny is just cruising on autopilot, horrible house dream will hopefully happen when I'm back

-Iman is gonna be sitting on her hands re: Greta ad infinitum, and doing science probably

-Jay is going to be working at Aziraphale's shop and being awkward and inactive the rest of the time

-Glados is sulking in the bowels of the former Romac base and biding her time

So. Yeah. Sorry this is so abrupt and stuff but also, brains. Yeah. Be well everybody.
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Hey, all.

I think it's time to retire Melanie, here. She'll still be in Manhattan, keeping her head down and making tea for her angeldad and enjoying visits from Lily, buuut since she doesn't really like getting out and I have a hard time sustaining threads with her, I'm going to just keep her on the proverbial shelf until or unless she's needed.

Will I app someone else? WHO KNOWS. For now, I'm just gonna stick with my three older ladies and see what happens.


Oct. 8th, 2015 05:55 pm
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Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood Kathryn here. I'm going to be attending a local convention this weekend, starting with tonight's pre-party, so I'll be scarce. I'll check for messages whenever I come home to crash and burn sleep, so if something comes up over the weekend I'll still do my best to put on ye olde mod hat.
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Hello, fritterlings!

Since the fall of the factions, the game has been a bit wanting in the antagonists department. Sure, the Rift is always there to jerk its toys around, but sometimes you get those manly urges and you just want to kill something. Or at least punch something. Or put something in a secure cell and painstakingly label it with your handheld label maker, neat and tidy-like.

Well, the mods Rift has heard your pleas, so it's gonna just start dropping monsters out onto the streets of Manhattan like a mascot firing t-shirts out of a cannon. Want to find one? Want one to find you? Do it.

What kind of monsters? It's up to you! Ollie has been compiling a list of potential beasties. Feel free to use one, or feel free to make one up.

Ground Rules:

1.) The monsters will be steered by the players encountering them as opposed to being mod-driven NPCs. This should save everyone time and hassle.
2.) Whether you're taking a monster off the list or making one up yourself, be sure it's added to the google doc, and to make a note of what you're doing under the 'status' column. This should prevent accidental doubling up, and just generally help us keep track of what's currently loose on the streets or smeared across an alley or what have you.
3.) Tag any monster-related shenanigans with the 'event: monster mash' tag. This will also help the mods, Ellis, and Ollie keep track of the beasties.

Comments? Questions? Ideas for monsters? Feel free to use this as a post to brainstorm horrors from the deep, etc.

In conclusion:

 photo Oprahs-Bees.gif
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Howdy howdy howdy! Carrie here. You can tell by the pretty flower icon at the top of this post and the shoehorned-in Emily Blunt gif at the bottom of it.

Since things have gone a bit quiet, this seems like a good time to regroup and talk about what our assorted characters have been up to, lately. Or what we'd like them to get up to. Or how cute our new chunkhead cat is.

Let's play catch-up and/or do some brainstorming! Come on down.

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